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to nabo ulv

A Nordic-style restaurant specializing in flame, charcoal grilled, fermented, and pickled dishes.


ABOUT nabo ulv

​About us

In 2019, ULV Restaurant and Bar opened in Taipei. After four years, in August 2023, we underwent interior upgrades and reopened with a new name, nabo ulv, marking a fresh start.

"nabo" means "neighbor" in Danish, while "ulv" translates to "wolf" in the original name. This combination creates a lively, romantic, and warm atmosphere. nabo ulv aims to provide a relaxed and enjoyable casual dining experience.

Chef Sid, a native Taiwanese, has an impressive background, having previously worked at the Michelin two-star restaurant L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon and as part of the founding team at Mikkel Maarbjerg & KIRK – MAARBJERG, a Nordic restaurant in Taipei. His culinary journey is a fusion of solid French cooking techniques and the mindset and methods of two Danish chefs.

At nabo ulv, guests can expect sincere and unrestricted cuisine, incorporating Nordic techniques such as grilling, fermenting, pickling, and air-drying, as well as Chef Sid's personal flavors and stories. The restaurant also offers a variety of craft homemade kombucha and fine wines. From French cuisine to Nordic-inspired, nabo ulv embraces both traditional classics and modern styles. The common thread in both culinary styles is a deep respect and reverence for ingredients, reflecting Chef Sid's own experiences—unconstrained yet humble, never forgetting his dishes roots.

Welcome to the cozy living room of nabo ulv.

201In 2023, ULV Restaurant and Bar opened in Taipei. After four years, we upgraded the restaurant indoors and renamed it, nabo ulv, in August 2023, giving it a new lease of life.


nabo is the Danish word for neighbor, combined with the original meaning of ulv, which means wolf, to create a lively, romantic and warm environment. Neighbor Wolf hopes to bring everyone a more relaxed and pleasant casual finding.


Chef Sid is a native Taiwanese,

Previously worked in the two-Michelin-star L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon and the founding team of Mikkel Maarbjerg & KIRK – MAARBJERG Taipei Nordic Restaurant.

During this period, I honed my solid basic skills in French cuisine, and also incorporated the thinking and techniques of the New Nordic cuisine of two Danish chefs.


nabo ulv will bring guests sincere and free cuisine, integrating Nordic charcoal grilling, fermentation, pickling, air-drying and other techniques with Chef Sid's own taste and story.

nabo ulv also provides a variety of hand-crafted homemade kombucha and fine wines, extending from French cuisine to Nordic cuisine, from traditional classics to modern styles. What both styles of cuisine have in common is reverence and respect for ingredients, just like himself. A portrayal of experience that is not bound by a frame but remains humble and does not forget its true heart.


Welcome to nabo ulv’s small living room.


​RESTAURANT | Restaurant

Charcoal, fermented...

Here in ULV Restaurant and Bar, we make our own fermented food combine with charcoal grill and smoked to create aromatic nordic fusion feast.

At the ULV restaurant, we make different fermented foods in-house, combining charcoal grilling and smoking techniques to bring you a wonderful feast of modern and exquisite cuisine with Nordic elements.


​Wine and Beverage |Drinks

Fermentation Lab......

Different types of homemade kombucha mocktail. 

We offer many different homemade kombucha drinks

​​Contact us


No.18, Ln 160, Sec.1, Dunhua S. Rd, Da’an Dist, Taipei city, 10691, Taiwan (R.O.C)

1st Floor, No. 18, Lane 160, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City

Tel: +886 2 8771-0828



Lunch 12:00-14:30 (13:00 LO)

Dinner 17:30-22:00 (20:15 LO) 

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