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ABOUT nabo ulv


In 2019, ULV Restaurant and Bar opened in Taipei. After four years, in August 2023, we underwent interior upgrades and reopened with a new name, nabo ulv, marking a fresh start.

"nabo" means "neighbor" in Danish, while "ulv" translates to "wolf" in the original name. This combination creates a lively, romantic, and warm atmosphere. nabo ulv aims to provide a relaxed and enjoyable casual dining experience.

Chef Sid, a native Taiwanese, has an impressive background, having previously worked at the Michelin two-star restaurant L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon and as part of the founding team at Mikkel Maarbjerg & KIRK – MAARBJERG, a Nordic restaurant in Taipei. His culinary journey is a fusion of solid French cooking techniques and the mindset and methods of two Danish chefs.

At nabo ulv, guests can expect sincere and unrestricted cuisine, incorporating Nordic techniques such as grilling, fermenting, pickling, and air-drying, as well as Chef Sid's personal flavors and stories. The restaurant also offers a variety of craft homemade kombucha and fine wines. From French cuisine to Nordic-inspired dishes, nabo ulv embraces both traditional classics and modern styles. The common thread in both culinary styles is a deep respect and reverence for ingredients, reflecting Chef Sid's own experiences—unconstrained yet humble, never forgetting his roots.

Welcome to the cozy living room of nabo ulv.

2019年,ULV Restaurant and Bar在台北開幕,經過了四年,我們在2023八月將餐廳做了室內的升級以及重新更名開幕,nabo ulv,重獲新生。


nabo是丹麥文的neighbor, 結合原先ulv是wolf的意思營造出活潑、浪漫又溫暖的環境,鄰居狼希望帶給大家更放鬆、愉快的casual finding。


Chef Sid 是一個土生土長的台灣人,

曾任職於米其林二星的L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon 以及Mikkel Maarbjerg & KIRK – MAARBJERG台北北歐餐廳的創始團隊,



nabo ulv將帶給賓客真誠自由的料理,融合北歐式的炭烤、發酵、醃漬、風乾等等手法以及Chef Sid自己的味道與故事。

nabo ulv也提供各種精釀的自製康普茶以及美酒,從法國料理延伸至北歐式料理,從傳統經典到現代風格,兩種料理風格的共通點都是對食材崇敬與尊重,就如同他本人經歷的寫照,不受框架束縛卻又保有謙卑,不忘本心。


歡迎,來到nabo ulv的小客廳。



Charcoal, Fermented...

Here in ULV Restaurant and Bar, we make our own fermented food combine with charcoal grill and smoked to create an aromatic nordic fusion feast.

在ULV餐廳,我們自製不同的發酵食, 結合炭烤與煙燻等手法, 以帶給大家一頓美好的北歐元素現代精緻料理饗宴。


​Wine and Beverage |飲品

Fermentation Lab......

Different types of homemade kombucha mocktail. 




No.18, Ln 160, Sec.1, Dunhua S. Rd, Da’an Dist, Taipei city, 10691, Taiwan (R.O.C)


Tel: +886 2 8771-0828



Lunch 12:00-14:30 (13:00 LO)

Dinner 17:30-22:00 (20:15 LO) 

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